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Christians Have to Engage the Bible Starting in Churches

All churches incorporate the teachings in the Bible to all Christians in one method or another. It is predominant for these churches to teach verses in the Bible with the objective of sending out the messages of God in the most accurate manner, while respecting and recognizing the words of God to His people. The words of God are being taught in churches in the most in-depth manner but not overly simplifying it to Christian listeners, and at the same time understandable and accessible in its message.

Bible study is important to Christians, and yet many people would still wonder if the teachings during mass or gatherings are not enough by considering further Bible study. In this article, Christians are given some reasons on the importance of Bible study in their lives. It is important to remember too that the Bible is God’s words to us His people, and by studying it, we get to know more about our God, what and how He thinks, and why He thinks the way He does. And to enjoy all the blessings of God and escape destruction, the Bible teaches us how God operates.

The first reason pointed out why we study the Bible is have some revelation of our position in Christ. From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible is focusing its message around our Messiah Jesus Christ, and that it is through Jesus that mankind can be saved. Through studying the Bible, one is taught how to obtain access to victory and triumph only in Christ, thus making us realize who we are in Christ and what power we have in Jesus Christ.

By studying the Bible we get to discover our inheritance in Christ and what belongs to us. Paul said in Acts 20:32 that through the words of God we will be able to inherit healing, prosperity, long life, peace and ultimately eternal life, and these words are sanctified. It is said that if we are ignorant of what we stand to enjoy as Christians, the devil will cheat and destroy us for this lack of knowledge.

The revelation of our authority over the devil is revealed in the Bible, thus the devil does not have dominion over Christians.

We attain spiritual growth as we read the Bible, just like when we give nourishment to our body when we eat. Through Bible study, young Christians will grow spiritually and become matured Christian believers, by keeping the word of God in their hearts, keeping them away from sins.
A Simple Plan: Professionals
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